Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Introducing Tool Chick

So... I figured it was only reasonable to introduce my wife, who goes by the assumed sobriquet "Tool Chick". It is due to her that I have all the awesome power tools to play with (I didn't even know what a compound mitre saw was until she asked for one for her birthday). Her dad is a builder and she knows a hell of a lot about building stuff. She is also amazingly capable at all sorts of crafts - she makes the most amazing quilts and dresses for our daughter.

She tolerates my wargaming rather well, all things considered. I often leave the garage an absolute mess, working on the philosophy that one cleans up after a project rather than at the end of each day of the project. I regularly commandeer the dining table for games and, more frequently, for painting and modelling projects. I insist on having my models on display in the same glass cabinet as our wedding memorabilia. And I spend a sizeable portion of my discretionary income on metal and plastic ;-) Aside from the occasional good-natured jibe she puts up with an awful lot for the sake of my hobby and I love her for it.

So fellow travellers, when you see comments from Tool Chick on this blog you know that the Household Minister of War and Finance is paying attention. I can only humbly request that you use your utmost diplomacy in responding to her comments, otherwise I may end up spending the night encamped with my soldiers in the garage!

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